Conference 2018

Georgian Technical University will host International Conference "Information Society and Technologies for Intensification of Education", dedicated to the 15 th anniversary of the UNESCO Chair Information Society of Georgian Technical University.

Co-chairmen of the conference:
Prof., Dr. Archil Prangishvili, Rector of GTU (Georgia)
Prof., Dr. Gocha Chogovadze, Head of the UNESCO Chair (Georgia)





International Program Committee:

USA - Prof. Dan E. Davidson - Bryn Mawr University

- Prof., Dr. Klaus Bothe – Humboldt University Berlin
- Prof., Dr. Klaus Meier-Wegener-Erlangen-Nuremberg University

- Prof., Dr. Herbert Sontag – Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

- Prof., Dr. Frank Gilert – Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau
- Doz., Dr. Michael Muller – Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

France - Prof., Dr. Jean Pierre Massieux, European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Spain - Prof., Dr. Rafael Guzman Tirado - University of Granada

Hungary - Prof., Dr. Ianosh Sztrik - University of Debrecen

Switzerland - Prof., Dr. Thomas Schmidt - Universityof  Bern

Czech Republic - Prof., Dr.  Jiří Klápka - Charles University in Prague

China - Prof., Dr. Chen Tiv - Shanghai  University


- Prof., Dr. Alexander Vasin - Lomonosov Moscow State University

- Prof., Dr. Natalia Ufimtseva - The Moscow Institute of Linguistics

- Prof., Dr. Boris Schukin - National University of Nuclear Research


-  Prof. Mikhail Medvedev - National University of Kyiv

-   Prof., Dr. Volodymyr Mesyura, Vinnytsia National Technical University

Azerbaijan - Prof., Dr. Kamal Abdulayev - Rector of the Azerbaijan University of Languages

Armenia - Prof., Dr.Vladimir Saakian, Institute of Informatics and Automation Problems National Academy of Sciences of the Republic Armenia

Georgia: Prof. G. Gogichaishvili, prof. Z. Gasitashvili, prof. G. Meladze, prof. G. Dobordjginidze, prof. V. Didmanidze, prof. T. Jagodnishvili, prof. G. Surguladze, prof. Tsveraidze Z, prof. I. Jagodnishvili, prof. G. Chacha­ni­dze, prof. A. Tsintsadze, prof. R(I). Kakubava, prof. K. Kachiashvili, prof. T. Lominadze, prof. T. Obgadze, prof. O. Shonia, prof. I. Didmanidze, prof. T. Kaishauri.


Georgia, Tbilisi,
Administration Building of the Georgian Technical University at G. Nikoladze Conference Hall.


Friday (11:00 hours)
28 - 29 September, 2018 Year

Conference topics

Section 1 - "Information Society"
  • 1. Information society - a new historical stage of civilization development;
  • 2. Media technology and media informatics. Human-machine interactions. Security of information systems;
  • 3. Technologies of intellectual education and harmonization of the education process.
Section 2 - "Modern Information Technologies"
  • 1.Technologies for modeling social processes. Management of innovative logistics. Logistic networks and nodes;
  • 2.Ecosystems, Big Data and Web Technologies. Systems of Machine Learning and Data Mining. Nanotechnologies in the Information Society;
  • 3.Software Engineering of Information Systems. Mobile and Hybrid Programming Technologies. Information society and "cloud" technologies.
Forms of work of the conference:
  • Full-time and distance participation (teleconference).
  • Participation in discussions.
Conference materials:
  • The Organizing Committee will publish in advance all the reports submitted for the conference (which will be examined) in the international collection of works of the GTU "Automated Control Systems" - ISSN 1512-3979, No.2 (26), 2018
  • Report in plenary session - 20 min.
  • Performance at the section - 15 min.
  • Discussion - 10 min.


The structure of the conference report (article):

  • Article (4 - 8 pages), el-version.
  • Title (TimesNewRoman= 16 / B),
  • Authors and the name of the university (= 11)
  • Author's email addresses
  • Summary in the language of the article, keywords.
  • 1. Introduction. 2. The main part. 3. Conclusion, 4. References (in English).
  • Summary(minimum 7-10 lines).
  • Technical requirements: MS Word, A4-format. fields 2.5 cm, text=11, distance between lines = 1.15), Graphical material JPG, GIF and BMP.
  • Forwarding the article by email:

Important dates
  • By July 27 (extended until September 10) - receipt of publications (e-mail:
  • by August 15 - notification of publications submission into the conference program
  • Until September 1 - sending of invitations
Organising Committee:
    Prangishvili A. - Chairman, Rector of the State Technical University, Gasitashvili Z.- Vice-chairman, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Zumburidze O. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Gorgidze I. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Tavkhelidze D. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Tsvetraidze Z. - Ph.D., Professor, Djagodnishvili I. - Doctor of Philology, Professor, Didmanidze V. - Ph.D., Professor, Djagodnishvili T. - Doctor of Philology, Professor, Surguladze G. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Petriashvili L. - Ph.D., Professor, Nareshelashvili G. - Ph.D.,Professor, Turkia E. - Ph.D., Professor, Lominadze T. - Ph.D., Professor, Imnaishvili L. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Tevdoradze M.- Ph.D., Professor, Kaishauri T. - Ph.D., Professor, Tsiramua Z.- Acad.Doct., Professor, Maisuradze G. - Acad.Doct.,Professor, Amilakhvari N. - Acad.Doct., Professor, Tsomaya N. - Acad.Doct.,assoc.-professor, Kristesiashvili Kh. - Acad.Doct., assoc-professor , Akhobadze M. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Sesadze V. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Azmaiparashvili Z. - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

Working Rules: